The Men Of Hollywood Are Stepping Up Following The Time’s Up Initiative

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Hollywood men are stepping up in the wake of the #MeToo movement and Time’s Up initiative. According to an open letter published in The Hollywood Reporter, men in the entertainment industry are fighting back against sexual harassment with a new initiative called #AskMoreOfHim.

The #MeToo movement, which was founded by activist Tarana Burke, has empowered individuals to share their stories of sexual harassment. The Time’s Up initiative, which was started by 300 Hollywood women, pledged to combat the culture that allowed sexual abusers to thrive in the first place. Time’s Up created a legal defense fund to “help survivors of sexual assault and harassment across all industries challenge those responsible for the harm against them and give voice to their experiences.” In an open letter, the organization stated that they will fight for laws that hit back against those found guilty of sexual misconduct.

Now, a group of men — which includes David Schwimmer, David Arquette, Jane the Virgin’s Justin Baldoni, and Hunting Ground director Kirby Dick — are standing with their sisters to battle this toxic culture. They’ve even created their own hashtag.

The open letter in The Hollywood Reporter states:

“As men, we have a special responsibility to prevent abuse from happening in the first place. After all, the vast majority of sexual harassment, abuse and violence is perpetrated by men, whether in Hollywood or not. And in entertainment — like many industries — men continue to hold most of the decision-making power. Therefore, one of the most powerful things that men can and must do is make it clear to other men — including their friends, colleagues and co-workers — that sexual harassment and abuse are never acceptable. This goes for everything from sexist and degrading comments, right up to domestic violence and sexual assault.”

The letter adds that men must hold themselves accountable, even if they aren’t “perfect.”
“We believe that men must speak out against sexism, even as we engage in our own process of critical self-reflection, personal growth and accountability.”
The letter concludes with a call to arms.

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