For Anyone Still Saying Rape Accusations “Ruin A Man’s Career”

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In 2015, ESPN’s Outside the Lines studied how many football and men’s basketball players from 2009-14 were suspects in criminal incidents.

They were investigating how often crimes involving college athletes are prosecuted and what factors influence them.

They requested police reports involving all football and men’s basketball players from 2009-2014 from campus and city police departments covering 10 major programs: Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Michigan State, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Texas A&M and Wisconsin.

Some police departments withheld records citing state disclosure laws (ESPN sued the University of Notre Dame and Michigan State University for not releasing material. And not all information was uniform among jurisdictions).

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College Athletes And Crime


Repeat Offenders

Among the football and men’s basketball players studied by Outside the Lines, there were many repeat offenders.


Incident Resolutions

The incidents Outside the Lines examined did not always ended up prosecutions or charges.