Here We Go Again: Another Example Of What White Male Privilege Looks Like

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A former junior hockey player convicted of sexual interference of a 13-year-old girl will not start his three-month jail sentence until May so that he doesn’t have to miss any school.

Connor Neurauter, 21, pleaded guilty to sexual interference for soliciting nude photos of the teenage girl and later using them to threaten her to keep their relationship a secret, Kamloops This Week reports. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail in Kamloops, BC last week but that sentence is being pushed off until May so it doesn’t cut into his current semester at the University of Calgary.

Neurauter was originally facing an additional charge of child pornography. According to Kamloops This Week, he had a 2016 court date adjourned because he was at camp with his hockey team.

Over the course of Neurauter’s relationship with the girl, she told police he once choked her with his hands and later asked her for naked photographs in texts and on Snapchat. Eventually she told a girlfriend who is 14; the friend sent Neurauter nude photos of herself in an attempt to get him to leave the victim alone. Neurauter was arrested after the friend told her mother what was going on and she called police.

The girl read aloud a victim impact statement in court saying she was paranoid that she would run into Neurauter when out in public.

“I was very scared because he knew where I lived and knew where my room was,” she said.

The victim’s mother told the Calgary Sun she’s frustrated by how many concessions the court has made to accommodate Neurauter’s schedule.

“‘Sorry, he’s unavailable for court because he has a hockey tournament. He’s unavailable for court because he has exams. He’s unavailable to come do his plea on his own because he’s in the middle of studying’,” she said.

“Let’s postpone his jail sentence until May so he can finish his year of university. Nobody has stood up and said no, during the whole thing—there was not one time where the judge or even the Crown said ‘please, this is not right.’ The victims are the ones who have been paying over and over, every time we went to court.”

The case seems to be part of a trend through which the courts accommodate young men guilty of violence against women.

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