Betsy DeVos Is Expected to Make a Major Announcement On Campus Sexual Assault

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Buzzfeed News reported on Monday that our billionaire, bear-fearing, MRA-loving Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will probably unveil her long-awaited changes to Title IX policy enforcement at George Mason University this Thursday. Federal officials have been describing the event as “centered around equal opportunity and equal protection for all,” which, coming from this administration, is always a sign of something dismal that needs its transparent justification.

If all goes as plans, the announcement will surely not be good. DeVos has been hinting practically since she got her dismantling little hands on the education secretary position that she’d like to make changes “quickly” to Obama-era mandates regarding enforcement of Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in federally funded education programs. This now includes a 2011 requirement that such schools, “respond promptly and effectively to sexual violence against students.”

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