This Is What White Male Privilege Looks Like In America

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Dalton Baril turned himself into Albemarle County, Virginia authorities last Wednesday and is charged with rape and forcible sodomy.

20-year-old Baril is the son of Steve Baril, who unsuccessfully ran in 2005 for the Republican nomination for Attorney General and the grandson of former Gov. John N. Dalton.  Baril Dalton attended the University of Virginia until April when he dropped out after the university began investigating him for rape.  His mother and grandfather both are graduates of UVA.

City Prosecutor Areshini Pather went over the allegations at Baril’s bond hearing:

  • Baril bought the survivor a shot at Trinity restaurant on the UVA Corner
  • Baril preceded to walk the survivor to his apartment
  • The survivor used Baril’s bathroom and when she came out, Baril was in his underwear
  • Baril restrained and sexually assaulted the survivor on his bed
  • The survivor sustained bites and bruises on her lip and breast
  • The survivor later went to the hospital where an exam revealed the bruising on her body and vaginal tearing
  • Baril sent a text message to the survivor, writing: “I’m sorry if I got overly excited.”

The survivor attended last Wednesday’s hearing. Baril appeared in court via teleconference. He has not entered a plea. Court documents with further details remain sealed.

The judge granted Baril’s attorney Rhonda Quagliana’s request to release him into the custody of his parents on $10,000 bond, citing his cooperation with authorities and must remain in his parent’s homes under electronic monitoring, cannot contact the survivor, and not drink or do drugs.

Baril will be back in court on Aug. 10.