Breaking! 3 MSU Football Players Charged With Sexual Assault, Names & More Details Revealed

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Details So Far:

  • Michigan State football players Josh King, Donnie Corley, and Demetric Vance have been charged with criminal sexual conduct of a female student. King was charged with one count of 1st and one count of 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.  He is also charged with capturing an image of an unclothed person. Corley and Vance are charged with 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct.  King faces life in prison while Corley and Vance face 15 years.  They were suspended from the football team February and dismissed from the team on June 6th.
  • An independent investigation, commissioned by the university, found that leaders in the football program and Athletic Department had “promptly and accurately” reported information about the sexual assault accusations, and found no evidence that they had attempted to impede investigations.
  • According to the Detroit Free Press, the review found that one staff member Curtis Blackwell violated university policies by conducting his own investigation when he heard of the accusations instead of reporting them. He was suspended, and the university did not renew his contract when it expired in May.
  • According to MLive, A separate Title IX investigation, conducted by a consultant hired by the university, found that the players violated school policies, which could result in further punishment. The school has confirmed that the investigation is complete, but it has not detailed its findings.
  • In a statement from head coach Mark Dantonio, “[The players] put themselves in a compromising position and did not live up to the standards we have outlined for our program. Sexual assault has no place in our community, and I want to share my deep concern for the young woman affected, and her family.”

  • The assault happened in a bathroom during an apartment party on campus in January of 2017
  • According to MSU Detective Chad Davis, the female student began speaking with King at a party at University Village apartments on Jan. 16. King asked her during that conversation if she wanted to go somewhere to speak quietly. She told police she recalled being in two rooms and was eventually pulled into a bathroom.King then tried to coerce the victim into having sex with him and forced her to perform oral sex on him. King then proceeded to pull down her pants and rape her. King then brought in Corley and Vance and forced the victim to perform oral sex on both of them
  • The victim reported the assault to Michigan State University police the next day
  • King’s cell phone was searched and produced a group text message between him, Corely, and Vance and a fourth member of the football team about the sexual assault
  • Also found on King’s cellphone is a video of the assault.  The victim was unaware of being recorded