Texas House Endorses Bills Aimed To Combat Campus Sexual Assault

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Legislation that takes aim at sexual assault on Texas college campuses received an endorsement Friday from the state House of Representatives.

The House preliminarily approved Senate Bill 968, which would would let students and employees electronically and anonymously report sexual assaults to their universities. They also approved Senate Bill 969, which would grant amnesty to students who report a sexual assault even if they were violating other laws, like underage drinking, themselves. Both passed on a voice vote.

The measures, both authored by Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, need final approval in the House before they return to the Senate, which will consider the amendments added by the House. (Update, May 20: SB 968 passed with a 124-12 vote and SB 969 passed with a 129-7 vote to receive final approval)

 State Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, who is carrying the bills in the House, said the bill would empower students to report sexual assault without fear of recrimination.
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