Baylor Football Players Recorded Gang Rapes During Hazing Parties To Bond

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A former Baylor University volleyball player filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday alleging she was gang raped by four or more football players after she was drugged at a party in 2012 as part of a team hazing system in which freshman players brought girls to parties with the intention of them being drugged and raped.

The woman — identified only as Jane Doe — alleges Baylor created a culture that fostered sexual violence, with gang rapes considered “bonding” experiences that were routinely recorded by football players.

The woman states in the complaint that she knows of at least one 21-second video of two female Baylor students being gang raped by several football players, and that the footage was later circulated among the players, who were treated as “larger-than-life celebrities on campus” due to the team’s success.

According to the lawsuit, players also staged dog fights during the hazing parties, and in one match, a dog was seriously injured and almost died.

“Simply put, Baylor football under [football coach Art] Briles had run wild, in more ways than one, and Baylor was doing nothing to stop it,” the lawsuit alleges.

This is the seventh Title IX lawsuit filed as Baylor continues to grapple with the scandal regarding its failure to properly respond to claims of sexual assault against members of the football team from 2009 to 2016.

Last year, the Philadelphia law firm Pepper Hamilton — hired to investigate the school’s handing of sexual assault claims — released a scathing report on the university’s concealment of sexual assaults by the football team and found that there was “institutional failures at every level.”

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