Lansing School District To Pay $405K To Settle Sexual Assault Lawsuits

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The Lansing School District has agreed to pay $405,000 to settle two lawsuits brought by former students who told school officials they were sexually assaulted on school property.

The district agreed to pay $180,000 in March to settle a lawsuit brought by a then 14-year-old student who said she was sexually assaulted by another student in a stairwell at Eastern High School in October 2015, according to court records. The incident was captured on a school security camera and both students were suspended.

School officials agreed this week to pay $225,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by Adriana Presas after she was raped behind a maintenance building at Eastern in September of 2014. While both Presas and district officials have signed an agreement to settle the case, court records show the case remains open.

In 2014, Presas was raped by another Eastern student, Edward “E.J.” Jackson, who was sentenced to seven to 15 years in prison after pleading no contest to third-degree criminal sexual conduct in 2015. He was not named in the lawsuit.

Presas claimed in her lawsuit that the district created a hostile educational environment following the attack, among other allegations. The district denied doing so, though it admitted in court records officials failed to tell Presas or her mother who the district’s Title IX coordinator was. Federal Title IX laws require school districts to do so.

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