Female Marines Who Had Nude Photos Leaked Speak Out

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A shocking report by The War Horse revealed that dozens of female military members had their nude photos leaked to an invite-only Facebook page with 30,000 followers.

The underground social media page known as “Marines United” was used to share hundreds, maybe even thousands of private images.

Now, one of the Facebook group’s victims has shared details about how life has changed since her photos were shared.

 Kelsie Stone, a civilian who works in an unspecified Military-friendly town, told Marine Corps Times she is scared to be in public because people approach her to talk about the images, which were shared by her Marine ex-boyfriend.

“Some of the comments have them mentioning how they liked what they saw, how could they get some of that or whatever,” Stone told Marine Corps Times. “I’ve been called a whore for even sending pictures like that in the first place.”

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