He Swapped Email Signatures With A Female Co-Worker And Learned A Valuable Lesson About Sexism

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Martin R. Schneider is a writer and editor at Front Row Central and a co-host at Political Theater, according to his Twitter bio. He tweeted about an experiment he carried out with a former co-worker Nicole Pieri at a small employment service firm.

The thread starts with Schneider outlining the genesis of the experiment. Nicole’s boss always complained that it took her too long to work with clients and Schneider originally assumed it was because he had more experience.

Then one day he accidentally sent emails to a client under Nicole’s name and the client was completely rude to him.

When he went back to his email signature the client’s responses completely changed.

After that incident, Schneider and Nicole did an experiment for two weeks where they switched email signatures. Schneider wrote that having a woman’s email signature “fucking sucked.”

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