University of California: Details Emerging On 100 Sexual Harassment Cases Systemwide

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The University of California disciplined more than 100 employees for sexual misconduct, about a quarter of them faculty members, at campuses across the state in the nearly three years before a scandal blew up at UC Berkeley, according to documents released Tuesday after a public records request from this news organization.

The records covered a period from January 2013 to April 2016, and were requested after a series of sexual harassment cases surfaced at Berkeley that brought down prominent researchers, deans and coaches. In all, campuses across the state released details Tuesday on more than 120 cases.

The documents show for the first time how widespread sexual harassment was across the 10-campus UC system beyond Berkeley and which schools had the biggest problems:

UC San Francisco had 26 cases, the most of any UC campus, ranging from a cook offering a co-worker money for sex to a top fertility doctor inappropriately touching nurses and calling them “bitches.”

UCLA had 25 cases, including a French professor who wrote over 300 poems professing his love to his graduate assistant, and a cancer researcher who sent sexually explicit jokes to colleagues and had been accused of sexual harassment twice before.

UC Davis had 13 cases and UC San Diego had 12. UC Berkeley had released records of 19 cases last year.

The allegations ranged from inappropriate comments to sexual assault, according to a summary from UC President Janet Napolitano’s office.

About 58 percent of the cases were generated by complaints from staff members, 35 percent were from student complaints, and the rest are unknown or anonymous.

Seven percent of the cases involved sexual assault, including inappropriate touching and nonconsensual sex. About two-thirds of the people accused of misconduct no longer work for the university, Napolitano’s office said, but it isn’t clear how many were fired.

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