Girl Who Live Streamed Rape on Periscope Sentenced to Prison

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A 19-year-old girl from Ohio has been sentenced to prison after she broadcast another girl’s rape live on Periscope.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Marina Lonina pleaded guilty to obstructing justice after she used Periscope to broadcast a 17-year-old girl’s sexual assault in February, 2016. The girl’s attacker, Raymond Gates, also pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nine years in prison. Marina will face nine months in prison.

According to the Dispatch, Marina and the victim went to Raymond’s apartment the day of the attack, where the three drank alcohol and the victim became “heavily intoxicated.” Raymond then reportedly forced the victim to have sex while she pleaded with him to stop. While he was attacking her, Marina filmed the assault. The police were alerted to the attack by one of the victim’s friends who saw the live stream. The prosecutor on the case, Ron O’Brien, told the New York Times Marina could be heard giggling in the live stream.

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