‘Baylor Bill’ Takes On Campus Sexual Assault Reporting

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The sexual assault scandal that’s plagued Baylor University this past year has led one state lawmaker to file legislation that would attempt to increase transparency.

The so-called “Baylor Bill” would require Texas colleges and universities to put in place specific protocols for dealing with sexual assault.

“The lack of reporting or the lack of action, or inaction or action concealed, was really disheartening. Not only do we need a remedy, we need to set some guidelines across the state for all universities,” said Democratic Representative Terry Canales, who is behind the bill.

Representative Canales’ legislation would require Texas schools to come up with the protocols, or face state funding cuts. The bill would also require freshman orientations to include education on the school’s sexual assault policies, and to include those policies in the school’s student handbook.

The legislation is being cheered by sexual assault victim advocates.

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