Why Did White Women Vote For Trump? Look At Kellyanne Conway’s Sexual Harassment Story

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Kellyanne Conway, senior adviser to President Donald Trump, put up with sexual harassment and assault when she was starting out in politics, she tells Cosmopolitan magazine.“I encountered all kinds of sexism,” Conway tells Cosmo’s Kristen Mascia in a story published on Tuesday. “The most extreme examples were unwanted sexual advances. Always by older men, often in positions of power, with some fancy title before their name and an R or a D after it.”

The candid remarks, while not directly addressing the behavior of her boss, explain a lot more about the 50-year-old’s views on Trump than anything she’s actually said about him or more generally about feminism and women.

Conway, like many women who voted for Trump, seems to view harassment as just an unfortunate thing that men do and women tolerate. Her personal story goes a long way in helping explain why 53 percent of white women voters overlooked Trump’s controversial history with women and elected him into power.

The president’s adviser explains she never protested about sexual assault when she was starting out in the 1990s, noting that no one called it that back then.

“[I]t would be embarrassing to the twentysomething or thirtysomething-year-old girl to try to make some federal case out of somebody who was in a huge position of power,” she says. “You’d rather just pretend it didn’t happen, that it was your fault, or that it would never happen again. The idea that you think you’ve got the right to stick your tongue down my throat is pretty darn disgusting.”

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