This University Just Settled A Rape Case For $1.15M

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A student who was raped by one of her professors at the University of California Santa Cruz has received a $1.5 million settlement.

The case was settled by the University of California Regents before a civil lawsuit or criminal charges were filed. Neither the student’s attorneys, nor the university, released the professor’s name.

UC Santa Cruz failed to address the professor’s long history of sexually harassing students before he raped a student on June 13, 2015, attorney John Kristensen said.

“UCSC knew for years that the professor was a sexual predator. It let the wolf roam. The professor was hunting undergraduates” attorneys said.

UC Santa Cruz administrators failed to conduct an investigation into the professor, according to attorneys with Los Angeles-based law firm Kristensen Weisberg, LLP.

“Like many other higher institutions, UCSC looked the other way when it became aware the professor was hunting undergraduates,” Kristensen said.

UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal said, “The allegations were investigated in confidence, because our campus process respects the rights and privacy of all parties, but we investigated the victim’s claims as soon as she came forward.”

Blumenthal said the professor clearly violated the university’s policies on sexual violence and sex harassment.

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