Stick Figure “Rape Victims” Pop Up At Baylor After Latest Lawsuit

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Photos: Grace Roulet & Hadassa Perez


Dozens of painted stick figures popped up on Baylor’s campus Monday morning following the latest federal lawsuit filed against the university.

The suit, which went public on Friday, claimed the football program’s “rape culture” was responsible for 52 rapes involving at least 31 players from 2011 to 2014, figures which far exceed the numbers provided by Baylor’s Board of Regents to The Wall Street Journal in the Fall, saying there were 17 women who reported sexual or domestic assaults involving 19 players including four gang rapes since 2011.

In an apparent direct response to the allegations, paper cutouts of stick figures, numbered “1” to “52” and spray-painted green and gold, were taped to the bricks in front of the Rosenbalm Fountain on campus. One stick figure in the front was left unpainted with the words “HOW MANY MORE?” in caps.

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