This Study Explains EXACTLY Why Cat-Calling Should Be Labeled A Hate Crime

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We’ve always known that cat-calling and being objectified is not a compliment, even though that’s what it’s often passed off to be. But now, a new study shows that not only is objectification not a compliment, it’s actually very dangerous.

The new study found that sexually objectifying girls and women actually leads to aggression toward them, according to University of Kent researchers. The study included 273 people in London who both did and did not have gang affiliations. Researchers examined the associations between objectification and aggression toward girls, as well as how gang affiliation played a role, if any, in this objectification and aggression toward girls. “As predicted, objectification correlated with aggression towards girls and with gang affiliation,” the researchers wrote in their study abstract, “which also correlated with aggression. In addition, objectification predicted aggression towards girls, after controlling for other relevant factors.”

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