Nebraska State Senator Resigns After Offensive Tweet About Sexual Assault

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On Wednesday, Republican Nebraska State Senator Bill Kintner stepped down following criticism from both the public and fellow lawmakers over an offensive tweet he sent out the day after the Women’s March.

Kintner retweeted a now-deleted tweet by Larry Elder, a conservative radio host. In it, three women are pictured holding signs referencing Donald Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comments; Elder’s comment was “Ladies, I think you’re safe.”

Following backlash, Kintner released this statement:‘“By retweeting a message, I was not implying support for putting women in fear of their personal safety. I took down the retweet as soon as I became aware that it was being misconstrued.”

He is not the only state senator to come under fire for posting about the Women’s March: Indiana State Senator Jack Sandlin faced criticism after sharing a meme with a march photo and the words “In one day, Trump got more fat women walking than Michelle Obama did in eight years.”

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