In 2014, 55 Colleges Faced Sexual Violence Investigations. Guess Where That Number Is Now (Hint: Much Higher)

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The Obama administration sent shock waves through higher education in 2014 when it released a list of 55 schools that faced civil rights investigations related to their handling of sexual violence reports.

The tally eventually quadrupled.

Last Wednesday afternoon, less than two days before President-elect Donald Trump is sworn into office, the Obama administration released its final list of pending sexual violence investigations.

The Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights, or OCR, now has 304 investigations underway related to sexual violence issues at 223 colleges and universities. Some schools have multiple open cases.

OCR’s actions are rooted in the federal anti-discrimination law known as Title IX. Many Republicans in Congress and other skeptics say OCR has overstepped its authority. They hope that the department will take a fresh look at OCR’s enforcement policies when Trump takes office.

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