University of Minnesota Football player Says Team Didn’t Consider Alleged Sexual Assault Victim

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A University of Minnesota football player has provided new insight into what the team was thinking when it called a boycott of football activities to protest the suspension of 10 players who were accused of sexually assaulting a woman after a September party.

Junior Gaelin Elmore, of Somerset, Wis., told the Pioneer Press’ John Shipley that the team didn’t think about the alleged victim of the assault.

I think some people also have to understand it’s hard to get insight into how those people might feel if you don’t know people in your own life who have gone through that. It’s bad. We acknowledge that it’s bad that it never crossed our minds, and it’s something we have to fix, as far as being active in our relationship with that side of it.

Because after all this went down, I knew that if we had better knowledge of sexual assault victims, and how they feel and how they experience things, I think we would have handled it so much better, and I think that’s something that, within our program — and athletics in general, and campus-wide — that’s something we have to address. We’ve reached out to groups.

Elmore says if the team had read the lengthy report about the alleged assault, the team likely still would have boycotted football activities to protest the way the suspensions and discipline were handled.

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