This Illustration Proves All Women Get Shamed No Matter What They Wear

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Women are told they should wear a dress, but not one that shows cleavage. And they can’t simply opt out by wearing a suit. That gets backlash, too. And they have to wear makeup, but not too much. Definitely not too much.

It can be exhausting. Perhaps that’s why one drawing by a female French illustrator who goes by “La sauvage jaune” is being so widely shared and discussed on Twitter.

The drawing underscores the various hypocrisies about how women are told to look and dress:

  • “You look like a whore with your makeup. [But] if you’re not wearing makeup you’re neglecting yourself.”
  • “You have a head scarf! You’re clearly submissive!”
  • “Long skirt? Too many religious connotations.” vs. “Short skirt? Too many sexual connotations. Don’t be surprised if you’re raped.”

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