Spencer’s Normalizing Sexual Assault With This Pro-Trump Shirt

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Over the weekend, Facebook user Mary Numair went to Portland’s Lloyd Center shopping mall, and ended up stumbling upon a crass attempt at capitalizing on the number of sexual assault allegations swirling around Donald Trump.

On her Facebook, Numair posted a photo of a Spencer’s display of pro-Trump merchandise that overtly made reference to the President-elect’s infamous, degrading “Grab ‘Em By The Pussy” audio leak, as well as a shirt reading “Deal With It” above Trump’s picture.

“This is proudly being displayed in the front of their PDX store,” she wrote on the post. “Way to normalize sexual assault.” At press time, the post has close to 5,000 shares with many comments condemning the store, calling for a boycott and noting the violation of the mall’s Code of Conduct, which prohibits, “wearing apparel which has obscene language” and “any other behavior or activity that is perceived to be offensive to the general public.”

“Beyond the fact that in no circumstance do I condone this, it is inappropriate for children to view,” user Lisa Gladstone wrote. “Even if it is not, it may violate the standards of the mall because it is sexually explicit. Let’s all call the mall and complain.”

The “exclusively at Spencer’s” shirts are also available online, with some of the styles — including the “Grab America By The Pussy” design — already sold out.

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