6 Charts That Will Change How you Think About Sexual Assault In America

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Sexual assault is a major issue in the United States.

Many private and government agencies — the FBI, the CDC, the US Department of Justice, and organizations like RAINN — round up statistics on rape and sexual assault, but the estimates are wide ranging: some place the figure as high as 1.9 million cases per year, and others as low as 90,185. Moreover, studies have shown that only about one-third of these crimes are reported to authorities, making concrete figures hard to pin down.

Using averages from all of these reports, and taking into account those crimes which go unreported, we came up with our own estimate: every year in the US, roughly 627,700 victims are sexually assaulted.

That’s an astonishing figure. In the charts below, I’ve put it into perspective.

There were more victims of sexual assault last year alone than people killed in motor vehicle accidents since 2000


There are more victims of sexual assault in the US each year than people who live in many major cities


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