The One Piece of Dating Advice That Has To End

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When it comes to dating advice, veer away from tips that reek of entitlement. That seems simple and self-evident enough, yet time and again we see men’s magazines publishing advice columns that emphasize the importance of dogged persistence in dating.

Here are a few examples, for context.

1. Men’s Fitness, “How To Turn a ‘No’ Into a ‘Yes'”

2. Men’s Health, “15 Dating Mistakes You’re Probably Making


3. Maxim, “5 Pieces of Relationship Advice you Hear Often, But Should Never Listen To


Author’s commentary: The way this OkCupid survey is depicted is misleading. It makes it seem like men and women are equally divided when it comes to the idea of having sex after the first date. In reality, the survey found that women (particularly straight women) are significantly less inclined to sleep with someone on the first date than men.

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