Amherst Suspends Men’s XC Team Over Offensive Messages

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Amherst College has suspended all men’s cross country activities following misogynistic, racist, homophobic and transphobic messages were exchanged between team members.

The suspension comes in a statement by Amherst President Biddy Martin and Athletic Director Don Faulstick. In it, they say they learned about the emails from the Indicator, a student publication.

The Indicator says these messages extend over two years’ time, from summer 2015 back — at least — to summer 2013. One email sent on June 14, 2015 from current members to those awaiting fall matriculation that included “a list of women that described their sexual histories and supposed sexual proclivities next to their photographs.”

Another email The Indicator reports was sent June 8, 2014, reads, “You know the girls at your high school who aren’t that attractive or personable, so no one talks to them? Picture a college with ~900 of them and you have our lovely liberal arts institution.”

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